Breast enlargement

Information for the patients

Surgery of the breasts has gone through a major improvement these last few years. Women who have smaller breasts and do not feel comfortable about that can now consider a breast enlargement. The enlargement of the breasts is a reliable procedure that has a durable result and offers you more confidence and a greater feeling of femininity.

The implants are made from a non-leaking cohesive gell and have life-long-guarantee. They do not need to be replaced.

With the exception of plastic surgery there aren’t any other methods (hormones, skin moisturizers, massages and so on...) to enlarge your breasts.

If the breasts have slumped and the regular size of the gland has diminished, enlargement of the breasts could be combined with breast lifting.

After you have had an enlargement of the breasts, you can still breastfeed your baby. The capacity of the milk-production will not be affected. It is safe to undergo a yearly check-up of mammography. Modern implants are pressure-resistant. Breast implants do not affect the interpretation of the mammography. During the procedure we do not touch the breast tissue. Implants are placed deep under the breast muscle. Breast tissue is above the muscle and has no contact with the implants.

The procedure

For an enlargement of the breasts sedation anesthesia is necessary. The procedure takes about 50 minutes. A 3,5 cm wide incision is made in the skin-fold of the breast through which the surgeon makes space for the implants. This is usually underneath the muscle. The implants can be of various shapes. We offer you round and anatomical implants. The choice depends on the suppleness of the gland and the personal preference of the patient. The stitches we use dissolve in a matter of time. To optimize the healing of the gland you will receive a soft bra that you ought to wear for 4 weeks. All the necessary information and guidelines for aftercare you will receive on paper.

You can return home a couple of hours after the procedure. Please do take into account that you will not be able to drive the car yourself due to anesthesia. Therefore we strongly recommend you to have someone to accompany you after the treatment.

The results of the enlargement are not painful. The breasts are a little tense and sensitive the first week after the procedure. The swelling and bruises will disappear in a week. The tense feeling will stay for a little while, but will eventually disappear in a month. The scars in the skin folds will become entirely invisible in 4 to 6 months.


The period of recovery is relatively short. We recommend you to take a week off to get some rest and to take it easy for about 3 weeks. 4 weeks after the procedure you will be able to resume all of your daily activities.

An enlargement of the breasts is a safe procedure therefore complications are very rare. A specific risk of this procedure is formation of the hard connected tissue around the implants a couple of years after the implantation. This risk is however less than 1% thanks to the modern kind of implants. It is a reaction of the body that depends on the person. The reasons for this kind of reaction are unknown. If the breasts will get hard the surgeon will remove the unnecessary connective tissue and replace the implants. In this case the procedure will be done at the costs of the clinic and only the cost of the new implants will be charged.


Zijaanzicht borsten
Vooraanzicht borsten

8 weeks after the procedure

Zijaanzicht borsten
Vooraanzicht borsten

8 weeks after the procedure